Based on your instructions we define the scope of work required to be completed and allocate a price to do that work. For larger matters we break the work down into stages to provide a more accurate description of the scope of work in each stage.

Fees / Payment


Bowden McCormack accepts payments as per below:

Payments can be made either via direct credit or via cheque.

Our trust account details are:
BSB: 035-302
A/C Number: 112067

Payments can be made by:

  • Direct credit
    • Our account details are:
      BSB: 035-302
      A/C Number: 112059
  • Cheque
  • Credit card payment form
    • Please email the credit card payment slip at the bottom of your invoice to or post the credit card payment slip for processing.
  • Online credit card payment
    • Invoice fees can now be paid online (AUD$). When you receive your invoice you can go to online payments 
    • Or click on the payment button above and pay by credit card using our secure online payment system.


Depending on the matter, the initial stages may be fixed fees with subsequent stages having an estimate of fees, which can be fixed as the matter progresses and when the scope can be better defined based on the conduct and direction of the matter.

Our fixed fees are for our professional fees and do not include disbursements, such as search costs, or court filing fees. These are disbursements we incur as your agent to enable us to complete your instructions and we invoice these to you for re-imbursement. We do not put any mark up on these disbursements.

What are the benefits?

  • It encourages open communication without fear of ‘the clock is ticking’ – removing the feeling that each phone call and email you send to us incurs an additional charge typical under a time billable cost agreement.
  • It encourages improved information sharing which ultimately assists us achieve your desired outcome.
  • It creates certainty for you by removing the anxiety of spiralling costs.
  • It helps us and you focus on value rather then on billable hours and should remove cost tensions from our relationship.

What if the Scope changes?
If the scope of work changes during the course of the matter or does not proceed in accordance with the listed steps we will notify you and provide you with a Variation Agreement (a Revised Disclosure Statement), which will provide an alternative, varied or additional scope of work and corresponding fixed fee proposal for that work.