Online Will

It is crucial that you have a valid, professionally-prepared Will drawn up and signed. In fact, it is one of the most important things you can do for the future of your family and those you may leave behind.’

If professionally prepared, your Will sets out all of your wishes for how your assets should be distributed, who should look after dependent children and how the rest of your affairs should be dealt with.

Sadly, many people pass away without taking care of this important process or they cut corners with a ‘do it yourself Will’ that completely fails to properly set out their wishes. The result – either your assets and affairs are dealt with by legislation (and so not in accordance with your wishes) or there is the potential of problems and even disputes for loved ones to resolve.
The cost of a poorly prepared, ‘do it yourself Will’, which is left for your family and loved ones to deal with after you pass away is much, much more than the saving you think you’re making at the time of preparing that Will.
We offer two (2) options depending on your circumstances – and everyone is different, so please take the time to check where you best fit:
1) Our Online Will option
2) Complex estate planning and Will preparation

Our Online Will option

Bowden McCormack is the Northern Territory’s first local, online, lawyer-checked, Will provider. If your Will is truly a ‘simple’ Will, then we offer you the convenience of completing online instructions and payment from any location you choose so that we can prepare your Will without you needing to come into our office for a first appointment.
We understand that this is a new approach and you may have some concerns. However, please be assured that this isn’t a DIY, cheap and nasty approach! The information you provide will be checked by an experienced lawyer who ensures your document is prepared properly before arranging directly with you for it to be signed.

Is this YOUR best option? This is right for you if:
• You wish to save time on an initial appointment.
• You may not be able to easily get to our office for an appointment.
• Your financial situation is relatively straight forward. For example, you are an employee with a house, a car, some money and super.
• You wish to leave everything to a spouse and then your children.
• You do not own a business or have any trust or other assets held jointly by someone other than your spouse.
• You do not have any particular concerns or questions that you need to discuss with our lawyers in more detail.
• You wish to keep costs to a minimum while ensuring a quality result.

If this describes you, then …

Complex estate planning and Will preparation

If you need to talk face to face or have more complex personal, family or asset situations, then we do not recommend using our online Will. Instead, you must work closely with an experienced estate planning lawyer. This will require a face to face meeting.
While most people like to think that their Will is “simple”, there are a number of circumstances which will lead to complexity and require more care and attention. These include:
• blended families
• second marriages
• concerns over the capacity of possible beneficiaries to properly manage what you are considering leaving them
• ownership of a business or company assets
• existing trusts
• asset values over $1million
• family-owned enterprises
• the need for a tax-effective way to pass on assets to your beneficiaries
If this is your situation, then we are able to assist you prepare for your meeting with us in an easy and convenient way. Please try our no-obligation Wills and Estate planning tool which allows you to provide your background information online, and helps you to think about the critically-important aspects of your estate so as make the most of your time with your lawyer. By doing so, you will truly help prepare your lawyer and allow them to get straight into providing you with the advice and assistance you need.